Four Steps That Turn Your Dream Into Reality

It starts with a vision you have of living in a custom luxury home in one of Denver’s elite neighborhoods.
Perhaps your dream is inspired by a beautiful chateau you saw nestled in the Swiss countryside, or by a villa overlooking the coast of Italy.
Wherever your dream took hold, Forte Distinctive Homes will bring it to fruition and integrate it flawlessly into the texture of your neighborhood.

Step 1 – Start with our free consultation

We get to know you and become intimate with your vision. Next, we may survey your land and advise you on specific details—such as whether you need an original build or a custom addition that requires modifications to your foundation.
Most important, we’ll provide insight that assures when your home is complete you’ll see tremendous value and rich detail. And we’ll only develop plans that ensure you have a resale plan that benefits you in the long term. All of this is at no charge to you.

Step 2 – Spend unlimited time with our architect

Your dream will truly begin to take shape as you enjoy unlimited meeting time with our architect. You’ll be able to take your time and meet with them as many times as necessary.

There are no limitations. The only requirement is that you are completely satisfied.

Step 3 – Gain approvals and permits

Next, we work closely with civil and structural engineers—a process that takes a month and a half. We’ll then take your luxury home plans to the city of Denver and obtain all necessary approvals and permits. This generally takes six to eight weeks.

We manage and oversee this entire process for you.

Step 4 – Build your custom luxury home

Now your dream becomes your reality. Complete construction of your elegant home or addition typically takes anywhere between 8 to 12 months. Then you move into the splendor of your luxurious custom home and create a lifetime of memories.

To learn more about how Forte Distinctive Homes brings international elegance to Denver’s finest neighborhoods, please contact us today.